Best pizzeria in Prague? Visiting Pizza Nuova

  • Tasty Neapolitan style pizza
  • Rich menu
  • Dégustation menu (few options)
  • Extensive wine list
  • Cozy interior
  • Good service
  • Unwelcoming hostess (bad first impression when it comes to service)
  • Not very impressed by the homemade wine, but this is a very debatable one
  • Somewhat expensive drinks

Every year the blog gets updated with the list of the best 50 pizzerias in the world and Europe, as voted anonymously by Italians. This year we’re pleasantly surprised to find Pizza Nuova on that list – a frequented Italian restaurant in Prague, Czech Republic. Is pizza there this good? Why it ended up in the top 50? We had to try it for ourselves!

As we were approaching Pizza Nuova, the first thing we noticed was the bright and stylish ground floor which is more of a kiosk than a restaurant. But then we got upstairs and saw where all the hustle and bustle was happening. We got greeted by the hostess, which then eventually found us a table. It took some time as we showed up there without a reservation.

The restaurant’s interior is delightful, cozy, and spacious, with plenty of tables. The first thing you see is a diverse salad and entrée bar as well as quite a few bottles of wine and spirits. You can be sure there’s definitely enough food and drinks to chose from here.

pizza nuova restaurant prague interior
Interior of Pizza Nuova and homemade white wine

As soon as we got our seats, a very polite waiter approached us. He presented the food menu, the wine list, and also introduced us to their degustation menu options. 

We were not that hungry, so we ordered a Pizza alla Chef (248 CZK) and a 0.5l jar of homemade white wine (220 CZK)

The wine and the carafe with water arrived on our table in 2 minutes, and about 10 minutes later we got our pizza as well. 

We really liked the presentation and the taste of the pizza. It’s Neapolitan style so expect a thin body with a thicker, fluffier crust. We prefer this type of pizza more to others! The ingredients felt of top quality, as we could taste the San Marzano tomatoes and the rest of the ingredients, but as salami people, we wish there was a bit more meat. 

Pizza a la chef pizza nuova prague
Pizza alla Chef in Pizza Nuova

As we say, “the appetite grows while eating” 🙂 Since we devoured the first pizza that quickly, we had to order one more. This time it was the Special of the day – cream-based pizza topped with gorgonzola and Tyrolean Speck (268 CZK). We enjoy white pizzas, and this was no exception. It was full of cheese and had a fair amount of ham.

Special pizza in pizza nuova
Special pizza with gorgonzola and Tyrolean Speck in Pizza Nuova

So is this the best pizza in Prague? We can’t say yet as we haven’t tried all places on our pizza list (Da Antonio, San Carlo, Le Pizze di Frankie…). However, what we can say right now is that the overall experience in Pizza Nuova was great! The price for pizza varies between 220 and 270 CZK, and for that, you’re getting 30cm pizza full of taste with quality topping. You fill all ingredients with every bite, as every one of them has a strong flavor, and it truly takes the experience to the next level.

Have you been to Pizza Nuova yet?

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