Chronicles of baklava

Baklava and other Turkish sweets around the world

We should start this post with the sweetest place we’ve visited so far – Istanbul, Turkey. There we tried not only all different types of baklava but also the best dessert out there – Kanafeh or Kunefe. A combination of salty cheese together with sugar juice takes this dessert to the next level. Must try!

Where else you can find Turkish sweets if not in Turkey? The answer is Skopje, North Macedonia. Here in the old city center, you’ll feel like somewhere in the old Turkish movie. And to top it off, you shouldn’t walk by Turkish tea with baklava. Prices are super affordable, so you shouldn’t limit yourself. Time to enjoy the sweet break!

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Do you know where else you can find Turkish sweets if not in Turkey? In North Macedonia 🇲🇰 As the country was 500 years under the Ottoman Empire, it influenced its culture and traditions a lot. Walking in the old town brings you back in time, but just walking is boring. Here you should stop by for the Turkish tea and try out all sorts of baklava. Tea here costs cents and you can’t stop drinking it (tried 10 glasses in a row😄). Have you been to North Macedonia? If no, note it on your map! 🗺 #northmacedonia #macedonia #europe #balkan #balkanfood #food #foodporn #foodie #instafood #foodphotography #foodstagram #yummy #instagood #foodblogger #foodlover #delicious #follow #like #photooftheday #foodgasm #foodies #tasty #picoftheday

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The last but not least place to enjoy some baklava is Greece. Here they make it with cinnamon, so you taste the difference from the Turkish version straight away. But, it’s similarly tasty and sweet. A great addition to the cup of coffee or tea after a long day next to the beach (Oh, we miss summer 🏖 ).

#Baklava topic continues 🙌 Another country that offers Turkish sweets is neighboring Greece. Even though there’s a big…

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Where to get baklava in the Czech Republic?

If you’re already craving for some baklava, we have you covered. If you live in Brno or Prague (or close to these cities), check out places we know that sell all types of baklava for you to enjoy!

📍Brno, Šahrazád Market, Hybešova 24, 60200 Brno-střed

📍Prague, Baklava Coffee shop, Husitská 80/65, 13000 Praha 3-Žižkov

Just be careful with sweet overdose, or don’t 😄We live only once and there’s no reason to reject baklava 💕

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